WALIA Ethiopian Cuisine

LENTIL SAMBUSSA (V) $2.00 – $7.95
four handmade sambussas stuffed with lentils, onion, jalapeno & herbs.
bite size pieces of injera rolled with misir & alicha wot.
finely chopped mushrooms mixed with garlic, red onion, jalapeno & herbed olive oil.
DERKOSHE AVOCADO SALAD (V) (Wed. – Fri. only) $9.50
crunchy injera tossed with fresh tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, mitmita & avocados.
CHICKEN SAMBUSSA $2.50 – $8.95
four handmade sambussas stuffed with minced chicken, peppers & herbs.
finely chopped lean beef, seasoned with niter kebe & served atop ayib (served raw).
CHICKEN KITFO TACO (Thursdays only) $8.50
ground chicken, seasoned with herbs, served over mini injera.
Tej Cocktail $7.00
2 ounces of honey wine, vodka, and fresh squeezed lime.
Kedamawi $7.00
Tequila, tripple sec, orange juice, rue.
Areqe Mojito $9.00
Splash of Areqe (ethiopian Gin), rum, sweet and sour, and mint.
Bole Ice Tea $9.00
Jameson whiskey, spiced Ethiopian ice tea.
Best on the Rocks $9.00
Hennessy, 1800, Nine West whiskey, blue ice Vodka.
Ethiopian Brews
ST. GEORGE (lager) $4.95
META (premium lager) $5.95
WALIA (lager) $5.95
HARRAR $4.95
By the Glass
Honey Wine
ENAT 8/26
WANCHA (chardonnay) 8/26
PINOT GRIGIO (pinot grigio) 8/26
CHAMPAGNE (champagne) 7/24
WANCHA (cabernet) 8/27
HOUSE (merlot) 8/27
(pinot noir) 9/34
Other Beverages
AMBO (ethiopian mineral water) $3.95
ODWALLA (mango tango) $4.95
COFFEE (ethiopian style) $2.95
HOT TEA (ethiopian spice) $2.95
ICED TEA (ethiopian tea over ice) $3.50
ICED COFFEE (ethiopian coffee over ice) $3.50
SODA (coke/diet coke/sprite/ginger ale) $2.95
Shiro Wot (V) $12.95 / 6
Pureed chickpeas, smoothly mixed with an onion based sauce, fresh garlic, & tomatoes.
Misir Wot (V) $12.95 / 6
Split red lentils, simmered in a vegan kulet base Seasoned with coriander & Mekelesha Kimem.
Alicha Wot (V) $11.95 / 6
Yellow split peas Estubly prepared with an onion based sauce, fresh garlic, & tumeric spice.
Gomen (V) $13.95 / 6.5
Collard greens cooked with onions & mixed with Ethiopian spices.
Atikilt Wot (V) $11.95 / 6
Cabbage, carrots, & potatoes simmered In a flavorful onion, tomato & tumeric sauce.
Timatim Selata (V) $9.95
Hand diced tomatoes, onions, & jalapenos sprinkled with a hint of lemon & olive oil.
Ingudai Tibs (V) $12.95
Crimini mushrooms marinated & sautéed with onions, garlic, fresh tomatoes, & berbere.
Sigo (V) $11.95
Cooked fresh tomatoes, onions, & garlic, mixed with berbere spice.
The Tibs
Hand Diced Tender Cubes of Meat
Choose a meat & a style.
Chicken $13.95 Beef $14.95 Lamb $16.95
Juicy Tibs
Cubes of meat sautéed with onion, garlic, tomatoes, berbere, nitire kebe, & a special blend of Ethiopian spices. Served mild, medium or hot.
Kewty Tibs
Choice of meat sautéed in a kulet sauce, sprinkled with coriander, & garnished with jalapenos & diced onion.
Grilled Tibs +1
Seasoned cubes of meat stir-fried with onions, rosemary, & jalepenos.
Arada Tibs
Slow cooked meat mixed with chickpeas & topped with niter kebe.
Tibs With Greens
Cubes of meat mixed with your choice of spinach & collard greens or cabbage & carrots.
The Frits
Cubes of meat mixed with mushrooms, garlic, niter kebe, & sprinkled with berbere.
Perfect To Share
Veggie Sampler + One of the following
Ingudi Tibs $26.95
Doro Tibs $27.95
Beef Tibs $28.95
Kitfo $29.95
Lamb $32.00
Ethiopian Style
Zuckerberg Combo $51.95
A combination of veggie platter, grilled beef & lamb tibs juicy.
Larry Page Combo $58.95
Combination of veggie platter, kitfo, grilled lamb, & doro tibs juicy.
New York NY – De Blasio Style (V) $48.95
Two veggie platters, sigo, & mushroom tibs .
House Combo $46.95
A veggie platter, house doro wot, & lambs tibs juicy.
Lael Combo $48.95
Combination of veggie platter, kewty doro & grilled beef.
Meat lovers rejoice! $58.95
Your taste buds will thank you for this unique combination of kitfo, doro tibs, grilled chicken & grilled lamb.
The Wot
Slow cooked chicken in a flavorful, spicy kulet sauce, niter kebe, meklesha, & a blend of Ethiopian spices.
House Doro Wot $13.95
The Kifto
Freshly minced Ethiopian style tartar, seasoned with a special blend of niter kiebe & mitmita.
Beef $14.95
Raw (Dare-devil)
Rare (Brave)
Medium Rare (Calculated)
Well Done (Play it safe)
Teff Chocolate Cake $7.00
Baklava $2.95